Call for Submissions: Cre8ery

‘Con * text’

‘con’ and ‘text’, used separately or together, by definition, means to learn, to study, to pursue any theme, topic, or subject carefully. It also means to direct the steering or course of, such as a literary work or other cultural conception and is regarded as an object of critical analysis. We’re looking for artwork that inspires dialogue and conversation with a focus on the use of ‘text’ as a verbal, physical or visual tool. All mediums and genres will be considered – included but not limited to: performance art, video, installations, paintings, drawings, printmaking, photography, or sculptural works.

Submission packages must include the following:

  1. artwork title, medium, date, & dimensions of artwork (artworks can be NFS)
  2. special equipment needed or special hanging instructions
  3. jpegs, slides, DVDs, CDs, VHS, etc. (original artworks will not be accepted for submission process.)
  4. curriculum vitae, artists statement/statement of intent
  5. SASE if you request any documents returned via post

To apply to exhibit is free although upon acceptance into the exhibition each artist will pay a submission fee of $15.00. For those who live outside of Winnipeg, artists will be responsible for payment of shipping artworks to & from cre8ery…

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