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Summer programming experiment at Centre des arts actuels Skol (Montréal)

Centre des arts actuels Skol’s Summer Practicum offers a programming slot of 6 weeks in summer 2008 to a temporary administrative team. Open to full-time university level students under 30 years of age of all disciplines who are interested in working within artist run culture. Applicants are asked to assemble a team of up to 3 people in order to propose an exhibition program and operating structure for the centre. Skol is looking for participants that are willing to explore, experiment with and push the centre’s current framework. The positions available are full-time (35 hrs/week) for a period of 12 weeks at $12/hr, beginning the first week of June 2008 (Conditional on funding application results).

Skol Summer Practicum has been set in place to support activities that examine the conditions of artist run culture. By activating the centre as an educational space, the program aims to afford young cultural producers with the time, space and resources to experiment within a professional setting. Under the centre’s supervision and mentorship, participants will acquire a set of experiences and skills invaluable towards the further development of their professional careers and ambitions. In turn, Skol remains receptive to the influence of the participants propositions and actions upon its own operating processes or practices.

There is no ‘ideal’ configuration of Skol only imaginative and audacious perspectives towards the support and exhibition of artistic production within Canada.

This information is also available on our website. Applicant eligibility

  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status in Canada;
  • Be between 16 and 30 years of age at the start of employment;
  • Be a full-time student in the semester preceding their job and have the intention to return to full-time studies in the semester following their job;
  • Be willing to commit to the full duration of the work assignment;
  • Bilingualism encouraged.

Project Proposal
Within 750 words maximum, please present your project in clear and simple language addressing the following topics:

  • The activities you intend to undertake at Skol;
  • The administrative composition and working structure of your managing team;
  • The communications plan;
  • Significance of your proposed activities to how it would benefit the advancement of your studies and ambitions;
  • The relation of your project to the history of Artist-Run Culture.

Please indicate the ‘word count’ at the end of your text.

Team Bios and Curriculum Vitaes
Present a short bio on each of the proposed project’s participants and role that they intend to play in the realization of the programming. Each of these texts should be accompanied by a summarized curriculum vitae, no longer than 2 pages, presenting experience relevant to the participant’s intended role.

The summer program operates on a budget of $5000. On one page draft out a budget for your project within this figure. (It is not necessary to include salaries.)

On one page in a simple and orderly fashion, sketch out the 6-12 week plan you intend to take.

Additional support material
You may also send additional printed or digital material that you feel is relevant towards your application. Maximum two pages printed material or one CD/DVD.

General Information
It is recommended that all applicants take the time to familiarize themselves with Skol’s mandate and activities through our website: www.skol.ca ;
Please note that this is only a proposal, and all aspects of the accepted project will be revised and refined in collaboration with the centre;
The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of peers;
A floor plan of the gallery is available in PDF format: http://www.skol.ca/appel/plan2008.pdf .
Your material must be postmarked or delivered no later than February 22nd, 2008, at 5 P.M. Please mail or deliver to:

See FAQ on our website.

Applications exceeding maximum text and page limits stated above will not be considered.

E-mail applications are not accepted.

Dossiers without a self-addressed envelope will not be returned.

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