Information update from the Canada Council Inter-Arts Office

This is the first of a regular series of information updates from the Inter-Arts Office for current or prospective applicants to our funding programs and also to provide information about ongoing activities of the Office.

Summary of changes to the Inter-Arts Office in 2007
For a quick summary of recent changes in the structure of the Inter-Arts Office and to access a Frequently Asked Questions document see: One of the most significant changes is a shift from our support of ‘multidisciplinary arts, interdisciplinary arts, performance art and new artistic practices’ to that of ‘integrated arts’ for all of our funding programs and policy development activities. Our administrative name remains the Inter-Arts Office however the artistic practices that we support are now referred to as “integrated arts’, which we define as artistic works, practices, programming and events that combine art forms, or integrate existing art forms into a new form, outside the framework of an existing funding program of the Canada Council for the Arts”. Please note that we continue to support a range of genres within the integrated arts that respond to the definition above, including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work, performance art, new artistic practices and community collaboration.

Opening up Space: Toward an Expansive Vision for Multidisciplinary Arts in Canada
This report by Rachael van Fossen is now available on our web site at . Both recommendations in the report have been approved by the Council and are currently being implemented.

Update on Moving Forward, the Canada Council strategic plan
Our new strategic plan, Moving Forward, can be found at . Our action plan (how we will implement the plan with new funds) will be available on our web site in February.

Integrated Arts Program for Organizations
The Inter-Arts Office is currently processing application to the Integrated Arts Program for Organizations, components 1 through 4. The peer assessment for this program will take place in February and results will be available in March.

Integrated Arts Program for Artists
This new program will replace the former Inter-Arts Program for Artists and will be available on our web site in February with a deadline of 1 May 2008. This program will offer support for research/creation, production and career development for artists and collaborations. The peer assessment for this program will take place in July and results will be available in August.

Inter-Arts Program Officer Marie-Christine Feraud
Marie-Christine is the new Inter-Arts Program Officer on a part time basis until the end of March 2008. She is responsible for the Integrated Arts Program for Organizations, Creation/Production Grants, the Inter-Arts Office Artists and Community Collaboration Program and Inter-Arts Office Travel Grants to Inter-Arts Professionals. You can reach her at 1 800 263 5588 extension 4679 or by email at .

Change in Travel Grants to Inter-Arts Professionals
The Travel Grants to Inter-Arts Professionals will become the Travel Grants to Integrated Arts Professionals Program on 1 April 2008.

The Inter-Arts Office welcomes nominations or self-nominations of individuals to serve on Inter-Arts Office peer assessment committee and/or the Inter-Arts Office advisory committee.


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