WeeSee Presents: Mega City Chronicles –

Both playful and serious, Mega City Chronicles is a look at contemporary society and its relationship with class, consumerism and violence.

Baptiste utilizes plastic soft drink bottles, processed food boxes and plastic toys to encapsulate the “stranger than fiction” realities of city living. Borrowing elements of everyday language (brand names, consumer clich├ęs, political and racial slogans) combined with pop culture, toys and icons Baptiste transforms and recycles the detritus of the modern industrial world in ways that not only reflect Western excess and consumption, but also resonate with similar creative practices in parts of Africa and Asia. In my most recent work, I aim to expose how the glorification and indoctrination of violence is systemic within Western society by focusing on the role of the gun and its iconic status in popular culture. – Hollis Baptiste

Daily until February 29

Roadside Attractions is a free art project space in our studio’s storefront window created and maintained by WeSee Inc. Located at 911 Davenport Road (SW corner at Christie Street) in Toronto, Canada. The space is usually accessible all day but video installations and illuminated work will be only visible after dusk.

For more information: weseeinc.com

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