Workshops at Studio 303 –

Studio 303: 372 Ste-Catherine O. #303, Montréal

• The Blender
March 3 – 7
10am – 1pm, Mon-Fri. (Public presentation on March 7)

with Dayna McLeod & Alexis O’Hara

$90 (Emploi-Quebec)

Set up as a pseudo-scientific laboratory, participants must propose an idea for a solo performance that will then be subjected to various constructive and deconstructive experiments, emphasizing risk and play, in an open and dynamic atmosphere.

• Physical Theatre
March 10 – 14
10am – 1pm, Mon-Fri.

with Lazlo Pearlman (UK) & Nathalie Claude

$80 (Emploi-Quebec)

This workshop will explore the notion of creating characters and developing them through the body first, with a special focus on the ways in which gender, sexuality, background and personal choice inform the use of our bodies in life as well as in performance.

80$ (Emploi-Québec)

• Bootcamp For Procrastinators
March 15th & 16th, 2pm to 5pm

with Ivan Coyote

Price TBC (emploi-Québec)

Have you always dreamed of writing your memoirs down but were never sure where to start? Do you have a half-finished masterpiece stuffed into the back of a desk drawer? Fall in and step to as Ivan Coyote runs you through a series of exercises designed to build up your first line muscles, train yourself to capture those fleeting late night epiphanies, and practice bullying yourself into believing.

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